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OOC Information:
Name: Jolee~
Are you over 15? If not, sorry but stop here.
Contact: Private message or [ profile] ceedawkes

IC Information:
Name: Erwin Smith (canon) | Edward Smith (reincarnation)
Canon and medium: Shingeki no Kyojin, anime
Age: Canon is 30's, this incarnation is 32 exactly.
Preincarnation Species: Human.
Preincarnation Appearance: A concise description or link to an image will do.
Any differences: Remember that only a normal human appearance will be acceptable, except in cases when the character will begin as a terrestrial animal.
Preincarnated History: What happened to your character in their canon? You don't need to explain the entire series to us, just the relevant parts in regards to the character's development, and some context to make sure it makes sense. Headcanon should be written in italics.

If you prefer you may write a bare-bones history and post a link to a wiki or resource that covers more details. If the character is an original character, please outline the world they live in as well.

Reincarnated History: What happened to your character that got them to this point in their normal, human life? While a lot of information isn't necessary here, please give us a clear picture of who they are now and where they'll be headed in the context of the game. If you're re-apping a character you previously played, please include their experiences in-game and what they've been doing in the mean time as well.

First Echo: What caused their first Echo, and what did it give them? Players may choose events from the timeline or a canon recurrence. Keep these Echoes simple, but meaningful, and keep in mind that returned effects/objects caused by canon recurrences must be directly related to the event giving them back. If re-apping, please include all of their previously-obtained Echoes.

Preincarnation Personality: What sort of person were they in their past life? Headcanon should be clearly marked in italics. This section is important, as it helps us gauge your grasp on the character, so spare no expense here.

Any differences: You are encouraged to deviate from the original personality in three or four major ways, made to make their personality logical to the setting and their new history (which, by default, varies from their original life). If the personality does not differentiate significantly, or if the differences do not make sense given the rest of your app, revisions may be asked for.

Abilities: What abilities did your character's preincarnation have? To what extent were they used? Include any equipment they had access to and any skills they had. Headcanon should be indicated in italics, as before. You may write a brief synopsis and link to a more detailed resource if you wish. Favor conciseness here, and try to limit (or else otherwise elaborate upon) canon terminology to avoid confusion.

Roleplay Sample - Third Person: Some form of extended, third-person prose exhibiting strong voice and key behaviors of your character. If the voice is weak or the characterization appears to be off, revisions may be asked for.

Roleplay Sample - Network: Same as above, but in network-style format, using text, video, audio, etc. This MUST be on the network.
*Note: One of the samples (of your choice) must be done from the perspective of the reincarnated character, set within the game. Samples from the test drive community may be used for this purpose.

Any Questions? If you need to clear up any lingering questions or concerns, here's the place to do it.


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